Sounds too good for many to be true.

Precious Wood

The Kiri tree creates precious wood in no time

The wood of the Kiri tree has a number of special properties, which makes it unique compared to all other precious woods. The bright, silky-shiny wood of the mostly straight-growing Kiri tree is characterized by its easy processing, its high flame value (400 400 ° C) and insulation value, and it dries quickly without warping. In wood processing, the wood of the Kiri tree plays a special role: due to its low density of 300 kg per cubic meter, it should actually count as softwood. However, it is extremely stable and therefore counts as hardwood.

Dimensionally stable

Hardly any other wood is as dimensionally stable as Kiri wood. Once dried, it absorbs much less moisture than other types of wood.


Kiri wood is referred to in professional circles as the aluminum under the precious wood. It is about one third lighter than all comparable woods and yet very stable.


Due to its fast growth and the associated wide annual rings, the Kiri tree shows a very individual grain, which differs significantly from common types of wood.


The timber market is booming like never before

Demand for wood has been increasing for decades analogous to the permanently growing world population. The timber market is booming like never before. On average, a person consumes 1.3 kilograms of wood products a day, and this value increases with increasing prosperity. Whether at home, at work or in the restaurant wood is omnipresent. Although wood is a renewable resource, demand can not be satisfied by traditional forestry.

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Kiri Tree


If one compares the Kiri tree with conventional investment options, it clearly stands out due to a constantly high value increase and its security.

For generations, trees have been considered a very good investment by wealthy people. In most trees, however, there is a very long time between planting and the precipitation.

Here is the fast-growing Kiri tree comes into play. It offers all the advantages of conventional tree and wood investments - but in a fraction of the time.

Based on current market trends, the value of a Kiri tree will increase by around 950% within 8-12 years. All without significant risk!

About one-third of the world's land is covered with trees and without them, humans would not survive.
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