15,000,000 trees on 15,000 hectares

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Plantations for the cultivation of Kiri trees

On our plantations, which are specially designed for the cultivation of Kiri trees, we grow about 15,000,000 trees on about 15,000 hectares. Half of it is used for the production of precious wood, the other is used as biomass.

Optimal Location Fctors

Southern Europe offers ideal climatic conditions for optimal and fastest possible growth of the Kiri tree. Due to the many hours of sunshine and the excellent soil quality, the Kiri tree grows much faster here than in more northern regions of Europe.

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Southern Europe


15.000.000 pieces


15.000 Hectares


500 bee colonies


200 - 800 m




Lionstarter Ltd

Precious wood, honey and biomass

Because of its many positive qualities, the Kiri tree is ideally suited for cultivation on plantations. It cuts out all other trees by delivering very good quality wood, producing excellent nectar, and producing biomass pellets and biogas in less time. The Kiri tree still has a noticeably positive effect on the climate, as well as the air and soil quality

PRECIOUS WOOD The wood has a number of special properties, which makes it unique compared to all other precious woods.


HONEY The purple flowers of Paulownia not only look beautiful, they also provide the basis for unique honey


BIOMASS In addition to solar, water and wind energy, biomass is an important sustainable and climate-neutral energy supplier.


Lionstarter Ltd.


If one compares the Kiri tree with conventional investment options, it clearly stands out due to a constantly high value increase and its security.

For generations, trees have been considered a very good investment by wealthy people. In most trees, however, there is a very long time between planting and the precipitation.

Here is the fast-growing Kiri tree comes into play. It offers all the advantages of conventional tree and wood investments - but in a fraction of the time.

Based on current market trends, the value of a Kiri tree will increase by around 950% within 8-12 years. All without significant risk!

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