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Lionstarter Ltd

For a clean environment - against climate change

We stand for sustainability, protect our living space and make with Kiribaum plantations from CO2 emissions oxygen. With our investments in Kiri plantations, we are the most efficient way of compensating for CO2 emissions, becoming climate-neutral and benefiting sustainably and economically.


We stand for sustainability, protect our living space and make with Kiribaum plantations from CO2 emissions oxygen.

Lionstarter Ltd

Ambitious goals for a great vision

The Lionstarter Ltd is a GreenTech company. Our primary corporate objective is to generate stable and sustainable returns through a permanent focus on green investments, environmental protection, ecology and climate protection. Responsible action is our self-image.

Lionstarter Company

As an ecologically minded GreenTech company, we are holistically concerned with the topics of "future-oriented environmental technologies" and "renewable raw materials".

Lionstarter Philosophy

In particular, we focus on investing in the development, investment, management and exploitation of Kiri plantations, as well as developing high-quality Kiri precious wood products.

Lionstarter Mission

Our mission sums up the way we act: our customers are pioneers because they are actively involved in protecting the environment and at the same time profit sustainably and economically.

Lionstarter Vision

Our vision describes our daily motivation: Together with our customers, we promote high-quality forestry projects and thus create a more liveable world for our children and ourselves.

Lionstarter Management

Our vision determines our thoughts and actions

Our management brings decades of experience from various industries into the company. They combine business acumen with strategic leadership in their respective fields and are passionate, talented individuals who successfully put the vision and values of the company at the center of their thinking and actions.

With passion into the green future.

Healthy growth coupled with sustainability and a permanent focus on ecology and climate protection. At Lionstarter we understand this as responsible corporate behavior. We are focused on long-term economic success in harmony with environment and society
Lionstarter Ltd

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In our newsroom you will find a selection of interesting reports about wonder trees, environment, climate and much more.

Once planted, the value of the Kiri tree grows steadily.